Hi! I enjoy connecting over shared interests such as...

🎧 — I make slightly-odd electronic music:

👨🏻‍💻 — I'm the designer/dev on a global community of samplists and composers. There's a library of >1000 free software instruments for and and, honestly, some of them are mind blowing!

Also: 🍻 📚 🥘 🎮 🥰 🐶 🤔

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@pete Good to see you on here! Was it tricky to set up your own instance?

@retrohistories Hi Chris! It was fairly straightforward as I used the digital ocean image that does the server setup. There was an issue with Ruby seemingly not being installed correctly and there's a possible issue with email DNS 🙄 but other than that plain sailing so far.

I'm half expecting the whole thing to implode by lunchtime though. 🤣

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I set up my own Mastodon server because of course I did.