My new EP is up for pre-order on Bandcamp from today!

My musical inspirations for this are artists like and although hopefully not too derivative!

@pete As you know, I love this so much, Pete. Would love to play live somewhere with you and a couple of others sometime, a tiny bleep fest. BTW are you having account issues with Spotify? Was duplicating my music weekly draft there and couldn’t find Seeing Red, account has your recent single but with a strange avatar.

@sitenonsite thanks Simon! A tiny bleep fest sounds like a lot of fun so count me in for that.

No account issues with Spotify that I’m aware of. The EP is scheduled to appear on Spotify from September 9th so the only track on there currently is Handsel which is the one I put out a couple of weeks back. Is that the track you meant?

@pete Ah, I see. Well, Seeing Red is on Apple as of today and I loved it, put that in my weekly draft, so expected to see it on Spotify too. Different avatar there too so wondered if artist conflict. Anyway, waffling, all good!

(I’m not organising a bleep fest, btw, but maybe one day we could do a little thing.)

@sitenonsite oh, haha I didn’t realise that was on Apple Music yet! I don’t really know what I’m doing with the distribution so I’m not sure how it’s ended up that way. In any case, glad you like it and thanks for including it.

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