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Do you like wonky ? If I asked how you felt about in the late nineties would you be all “Oh yeah! That's my jam!”

If so you might enjoy taking my debut EP for a spin. 'Inexistens’ is out today and available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify or buy from Bandcamp.

I'd be over the moon to know what you think and boosts would be much appreciated!


Regular reminder of the power you all hold.

As we hit the silly season and it's pressures for signaling, "family", gifting and supposed goodwill, we'd like to reflect on the gifts you as a community have given so generously this year. Comradery, support of all kinds, love!

Drop in, love a track, tag a kind word to an artist. Feel free to rally around the tag #radioFreeFedi . Material support is great, a kind word is also a powerful currency and a true gift. Be awesome.

Do you listen to #ambient music? If so, what do you look for? What contexts are you listening in? What makes an ambient track good, and what makes one bad?

I made a Christmas tune (which features my granny Betty talking about reindeer) as a competition entry.

Turns out I won first prize! It's a Christmas miracle! 🎄📯 🎹 🏆 👵🏻

If it's your kind of thing you can grab the track for free here:

Last night's Four Larks and a Wren was a good one! The first hour is an evolving mix of disorienting ambience and atmosphere including 'Seeing Red' from me amongst loads of great things.



Cheers to @fourlarks3d

Time to tune into to see what exciting treats are in store this week…


#ElectronicMusic picks of the day:

➡️ @MuteAn_Sounds - Label for electronic, experimental, ambient, noise, free jazz

➡️ @MovingFurniture - Label for experimental electronic, drone, minimalist, run by musician Orphax

➡️ @lehto - German producer & DJ, downbeat, electronic club music

➡️ @lb - Finnish composer, remixer, producer, demoscene, synths etc

➡️ @xylander - UK musician influenced by Warp Records, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher

➡️ @TheFreshBeets - US techno, trance DJ, mixes in real time

🧵 1/4

Dark Train is always a great listen with plenty of exciting electronic sounds to fill up your ears with. This week’s show has a guest mix from Panamint Manse, a lovely track from @socool’s new EP and a track from me at the end. 😊

I'm being interviewed by some students today and one of the questions is

"What would be the best way to work in live sound as a visually impaired person?"

I can contemplate many challenges in this scenario but my experience with visually impaired people is limited. I know of visually impaired music producers and I remember reading an article with a blind studio owner but Live Sound is a different environment.

Any #Blind #VisuallyImpaired folks want to chime in?

I’m going to have Christmas & Holiday music on IEM Radio soon. In my tradition, I usually start the day after Thanksgiving.

I have some tracks already but am looking for more to make a 30 or 60 minute segment for the station.

DM me here or email me. Thank you 🙏

#christmasmusic #holidaymusic #christmas #music #submissions #musicians #musicproducer

I think I have a new obsession. I've started buying job lots of old blank cassette tapes off ebay to see if there's anything interesting on them. Possibly to sample, but also just to listen to.

I’m currently listening to this beaut…

My track Handsel was played on last night’s @SpaceIsThePlace — thanks for including me chaps. 😊

There's plenty to enjoy in the show if you're into varying flavours of electronic and experimental music and you can listen here:


the amazing human who singlehandedly runs Radio Free Fedi — which has given so many of us on here so much — has posted today about some unexpected and difficult setbacks

i think the fedi community could do a little #mutualaid here and it would be exceedingly apropos

his kofi is here:

🏆 i'm issuing a fedi musicians' challenge: donate NZ $20. with the exchange rate that's like $12 USD

reply when you've done it and i'll give you love 🖤

let's do this

We love what we are hearing!

The core of the RFF project is simple. Drop-in, discover and then go share what you found with others. Go tell an artist you like what you hear. Anyone can help with that and it's a real fuel to keep creating. If you have the means, material support is also amazing.

RFF is not an end-point but a start point, and so far you're doing great out there making COMMUNTY!

Let's keep the momentum going to promote and love our artist friends and each other.


I can’t let pass without recommending…

@gribbles who approaches making music by bringing together sounds, melodies and snippets and seeing where the mood takes him. I can identify with that!

And my friend James Aletsch (not on Masto yet) who makes techno that hits the exact right balance between being hard hitting and still very listenable. His album Are We Still is a favourite of mine and great for focused programming.

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