Do you like wonky ? If I asked how you felt about in the late nineties would you be all “Oh yeah! That's my jam!”

If so you might enjoy taking my debut EP for a spin. 'Inexistens’ is out today and available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify or buy from Bandcamp.

I'd be over the moon to know what you think and boosts would be much appreciated!


@xylander I listened twice so far, love it! The first track especially. You obviously have worked hard to get the sounds interesting and right. It's not braindance but it's big beats which I like. I can see why you mentioned Red Snapper. I love Warp stuff. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

@JohnBloor thanks for listening John, it’s great to hear feedback like this 😊

I’m working on a new EP and some remixes so there’ll be more music soon. And a new track of mine will be on a compilation that’ll be released in the next week or so too.

@xylander I am a big fan of Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Bogdan Raczynski, Red Snapper, Autechre and other Warp artists.

@JohnBloor that’s a huge compliment! My music often strays into melancholic/cinematic which I try to balance out with other elements. Max’s work is wonderful.

@xylander I bought your 4 track album too...I'll play the first track on my radio show.

@JohnBloor I'm listening to your latest episode now and really enjoying it. It's rare to find a show with such an eclectic blend of styles that still feels coherent. It reminds me of listening to John Peel.

Is your show weekly?

@xylander I just did a new show on Saturday but it's not on the site yet. I will put it on there later.

My show is every 6 weeks, there are six of us presenters currently.

@xylander I've got into the habit of only doing shows with new music in so it would be hard for me to do anything more frequent than 6 weeks!

@JohnBloor ah gotcha. I used to do a show on a local community station near me so I know how much work goes into it. I went weekly for a bit and it became too much. I’ve been thinking about getting back into it recently though, doing a monthly fediverse electronica show perhaps.

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