Being on Mastodon / the reminds me of connecting with music-lovers on MySpace many eras ago. I’m meeting new friends and potential collaborators. It’s like being at a house party with an epic soundtrack that’s a mixtape of music by the guests.

This ability to truely connect has been sacrificed in the name of dopamine fuelled ‘engagement’ almost everywhere else. We have something special here.

@meljoann @xylander

I miss all the animated gifs and CSS hacks though!

I even once turned my whole profile into a fake, but partly usable #C64, using Macromedia #Flash, complete with a playable version of Pong and a cheesy demo.

While there is no record of the #Myspace page, I found the Flash file and managed to do a screen recording.

But yes, the networking and enthusiasm by all the #MastoArtists and #MastoMusicians here is amazing!

Edit: It even had the date (2006) on the Floppy name.

@johann @meljoann @xylander @bbcmicrobot

I'm a big fan!

Something like this is what I would like to have created then if the tech and my ability had been there.

@axwax I don't miss opening a MySpace profile with so many CSS hacks (specifically opacity) that my computer would freeze because of high CPU usage. But the fact that it made non-tech people learn to hack CSS and HTML was quite cool. @meljoann @xylander

@defaultmediatransmitter @axwax @meljoann

Yeah, it was hideous but also brilliant 🙃 the feeling of messing around with code on a mainstream platform was empowering in some ways

@xylander @defaultmediatransmitter @meljoann

Especially in the early days, when their site wasn't quite as locked down as it should have been.

It was the first (and more or less last) time I felt like a h4xx0r, when I saw that I could execute Javascript where one really shouldn't 😇

@xylander @defaultmediatransmitter @axwax @meljoann
If anyone misses the early MySpace, a reminder that the @spacehey social network website exists, allows self-verify profile links, and recently released an official mobile app.

@dec23k @xylander @defaultmediatransmitter @meljoann @spacehey

Haha, awesome!

Although, if it won't let me embed Flash, and if my first friend isn't called Tom I'm not interested 🙃

Ok, maybe I am- thanks for sharing!

@xylander We've never been on corporate social media, and it really sounds like a collection of weird places.

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